Monthly Archives: September 2015

An accounting cycle you should know about!



Cashmanagement has recently started something a little bit different … a casual CYCLING GROUP!

As a form of exercise and enjoyment, Dave and I have started a casual cycling group every Friday morning before work. There aren’t too many bunch rides on a Friday so we thought we might just start one ourselves. Riding is […]

Save tax by making additional super contributions


If you are an employee you may want to save tax by having your employer pay some of your wage before tax into your super fund. If you are self employed, you may claim a full deduction for contributions paid to your fund. For most, the 2015-16 concessional contribution cap is $30,000. However, the […]

Driving business … Something old, something new



As I sit here writing an entry on the Cashmanagement blog, to be reposted on LinkedIn, linked to Facebook, tweeted on Twitter and then retweeted by a number of followers, I reflect on the fact that even though technology has morphed how we think, act and sell, it has not changed the notion that, generally speaking, […]