Monthly Archives: October 2015

Tax return amendments .. but where’s the catch??

As humans, we can all be prone to forgetting/missing important things – our keys, wallets, or more importantly, when we are lodging our tax returns, a LARGE tax deduction or tax offset! (just as a side note, for this reason Cashmanagement sends out a detailed checklist, to minimise the risk of clients forgetting important […]

Starting a business? What structure should you use..?


Starting a business can be daunting without the correct advice. Ensure you start YOUR business on the right foot, with the structure that suits your needs and allows for tax planning in to the future (changing your structure can be quite difficult and expensive if you decide to change).

Operating as a sole trader can be […]

Good luck Dave!!

Dave has embarked on his first “holiday” in 5 years, taking off on his mountain bike to tackle the Munda Biddi trail – a 1,000km off-road cycling adventure (yes, he’s crazy I know!!!). Dave purchased his Cannondale F29 Lefty not that long ago from Bike Force Success and is looking to complete the journey […]