As the new year dawns and we settle in to life after the Christmas blur, the new years resolutions (typically starting with “I will never eat that much food again” and “I need to control my spending in the new year” – or maybe thats just me???) start to roll in. It’s this time of the year that is particularly busy for Cashmanagement as we get a lot of questions about tax return due dates (obviously clients wanting to start their new year with their top priority – getting their tax lodgments sorted out!).

This is the general run down: if you are a standard individual, trust, SMSF tax lodger, lodging through a tax agent and you haven’t been a late lodger in the previous year, you can rely on the general tax agent lodgment program concession until the 15th May 2016.

However there are some exceptions to the above general time frame and it would be best to check with Joshua Quirk at Cashmanagement to ensure you are relying on the correct date. At Cashmanagement we warn clients if they have a lodgment time frame outside of the standard 15th May 2016 deadline to give them enough time to prepare their paperwork.

If you are not a client of Cashmanagement but would like to be, please contact us on